Build Readiness for Direct Access in Asia and the Pacific


UNEP helps countries and their National Implementing Entities (NIEs) in Asia Pacific towards accreditation and development of projects for the Adaptation Fund. This support programme was developed in response to the slow progress of NIE accreditation in the Asia and the Pacific region. It was developed in close consultation with and financial support from Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

UNEP initiated a collaborative programme to support countries in Asia and the Pacific to build readiness to access financial resources through Adaptation Fund’s (AF) accreditation process of National Implementing Entities (NIE) and formulation of projects. Considering slow progress of NIE accreditation in Asia and the Pacific Region and addressing the capacity gaps, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) has developed a regional level support programme in close consultation with, and financial support from Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOEJ). 

The programme provides technical support to countries and nominated NIEs throughout  the accreditation processes, as well as development of project/programme to access funds from AF’s using Direct Access modality. This funding modality is expected to become a prominent norm in future climate financing landscape, including the Green Climate Fund.  In addition to Direct Access modality, countries may continue to utilize third parties like Regional Implementing Entities, or Multilateral Implementing Entities to access funds.

Types of Support 

Direct Access to fund which entails accreditation of NIEs and meeting fiduciary standards and requirements, is a relatively new concept for many countries in the region. Support for NIE accreditation includes a review and assessment of the capacity of a potential or nominated NIE to fulfill the fiduciary standards, developing a road map to enhance capacity to meet the fiduciary standard of the nominated NIE, support and advice on capacity building needs, support and advice to prepare NIE application and advice to respond to comments and feedback during the accreditation process. Other support provided through includes training on proposal writing.

Our Approach

Our approach is to support countries to meet accreditation requirements and facilitate access to financial resources. The project is “demand driven” and plays a “facilitating role” through a Regional Help Desk, whilst ensuring that the final decision lies with the government and involved actors. The designated authority in each country identifies and nominates their NIE.

UNEP, based on requests from climate change focal points, or Designated Authority, initiates discussions about their participation and on accessing technical support from the regional help desk facility.