03.12.2015 - 03.12.2015

Global Adaptation Network at COP21


Adaptation to the climate change impacts is a knowledge intensive undertaking.  While much knowledge exists for adaptation, it is often fragmented and not always accessible by those who need it.  The Global Adaptation Network (GAN) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is at the forefront in addressing these issues, working with the four existing regional networks (AAKNet, APAN, REGATTA, and WARN-CC).  GAN aims to catalyze adaptation action through intra-regional and cross regional knowledge exchange.   

At the COP21 in Paris, GAN will be strategically hosting a side event at the Japan Pavilion, on on Friday 4th Dec 2015,at 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM.  GAN will be conducting a discussion on the strides it has made in improving adaptation knowledge exchanges, the challenges faced, and the opportunities to achieving adaptation knowledge sharing and exchanges globally, cross-regionally and intra-regionally.


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