About us

STS is specialized in water leakage detection and related services.

Contribution to Adaptation Challenges

  • Technology and products on water leakage inspection by Suidou Technical Service Co. Ltd (STS) enable to inspect and identify water leakage on the buried water pipe which is main cause of Non‐revenue Water (NRW). Improvement of the NRW contributes to adaptation for reduction and deterioration of the water resource due to the climate change.
  • In the case of low water pressure or hurly water supply, leakage hole of the water pipe can take up alien substances and cause tap water contamination. In addition, underground leakage can cause secondary disasters such as road collapse.
  • Contribute to the stable management of water utilities and the supply of safe and secure water to users.

Our main businesses

    • Water leakage investigation in distribution pipes and service pipes
    • Water leakage investigation in facilities
    • Continuous monitoring of leakage by our original monitoring device
    • Selling water leak monitoring device, “L-sign” and “L-chaser”



1-45-45 3F, Futamatagawa, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 2410821 JAPAN

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Kazuhiro Kayanoma


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