Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

About us

Stockholm Environment Institute is an international non-profit research and policy organization that tackles environment and development challenges.

We connect science and decision-making to develop solutions for a sustainable future for all.

Our approach is highly collaborative: stakeholder involvement is at the heart of our efforts to build capacity, strengthen institutions, and equip partners for the long term.

Our work spans climate, water, air, and land-use issues, and integrates evidence and perspectives on governance, the economy, gender and human health.

Across our eight centres in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, we engage with policy processes, development action and business practice throughout the world.

Some of SEI’s work on adaptation:

  1. Conserving biodiversity in Myanmar’s Upper Chindwin Basin: Community-based integrated catchment management
  2. Five insights on internal displacement and human rights for Asia and the Pacific in terms of the Paris Agreement
  3. COVID-19 recovery can help unlock Southeast Asia’s fossil fuel reliance and build climate resilience for all
  4. Review of gender-responsiveness and disability-inclusion in disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific
  5. Climate change, gender equality and human rights in Asia: regional review and promising practices
  6. Slow-onset climate hazards in Southeast Asia: Enhancing the role of social protection to build resilience
  7. Redistributing resilience? Deliberate transformation and political capabilities in post-Haiyan Tacloban
  8. Rethinking migration and (mal)adaptation to climate change
  9. Climate change, disasters, and internal displacement in Asia and the Pacific: a human rights-based approach
  10. Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia
  11. Myanmar-This Shifting Ground


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Michael Boyland
Charmaine Caparas
Nicole Anschell
Rajesh Daniel