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Since our founding in 1951, Pacific Consultants has developed into a leading construction consultancy offering services focused on infrastructure engineering.

Our team of over 1,200 registered consultant engineers and other highly specialized, accomplished professionals is committed to providing value to our clients through trusted technologies and services, drawing on knowledge, rich experience, and creativity in a wide range of fields.

With a vision of “Turning the power of technology into hope for the future” , we will use our wealth of engineering expertise to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

S8DS service (The Pseudo Global Warming Downscaling Service for Adaptation)

University of Tsukuba, Asian Institute of Technology, Ministry of Environment Japan and Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. developed S8DS Service that is a pseudo global warming downscaling service to support climate adaptation efforts.

The S8DS service is a user-friendly tool to support governmental personnel in making informed decisions for policies, programs, and projects, by putting the best available research-based evidence at the heart of policy development and implementation.

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This service is supported by:

  1. Prof. Hiroyuki Kusaka and Dr. Van Q. Doan of Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba,
  2. Dr. Masayuki Hara of Center for Environmental Science in Saitama,
  3. Great staffs of Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at AIT and
  4. Tomonori Orita of Ministory of Environment, Japan.

I’d like to thank them for useful discussion.


S8DS service


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