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We develop, manufacture and sell exterior wall construction materials and environmental products for houses.

This time, we would like to introduce the environmental product “Fractal”.

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Sunshade / Exterior material [FRACTAL]

What is fractal?

Fractal is a structure that the natural world has built up over the years, and is a geometric concept in which parts and whole figures such as leaf patterns, treebranches, and terrain are self-similar.

These performances can be obtained by simply installing them without using energy such as electricity, and have the potential to play an active role in various fields.

The heat island phenomenon and global warming in urban areas have become common issues throughout the world, and the impact on people, living environment, and ecosystems caused by abnormal weather such as the occurrence of large typhoons due to climate change is becoming noticeable. We would like to contribute to the realization of “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” with these performances of “Metal Fractal”.



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Mayumi Miyabe



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