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MURATA Keisokuki Service was founded in 1972 in Yokohama.
Our main businesses are (1) Environmental impact assessments, (2) Environmental survey / measurement, (3) Scientific analysis, (4) Maintenance of environment-related equipment, (5) Development of environment-related equipment, and (6) Various consulting services. We are engaged in business in the environmental field. Taking advantage of our experience in Japan, we are preparing to provide services for solving problems in Vietnam and other countries.

Our product is an “Environmental automatic monitoring system” (abbreviation: AMS) for water quality, air quality, weather, etc. We will provide an “Industrial Park Wastewater Management Consulting Service” using AMS to improve water quality and reduce wastewater treatment costs using monitoring data.

Specifically, we will monitor water quality by AMS and review wastewater treatment based on water quality data to improve water pollution and reduce wastewater treatment costs by improving inefficient wastewater treatment. In order to maintain the improved condition, we will carry out maintenance of measuring equipment, operation support of facility, etc. And AMS can also be introduced to monitor salinity used for saltwater run-up control.



15 Akiba-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 245-0052, Japan

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Takuya Yoshimura


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