Resilience Outlooks
Enabling Resilience for All. The Critical Decade to Scale-up Action.

Background documentation for the forum consists of four resilience outlooks that rent a snapshot of the stream-specific aspects of resilience at the regional level, depicting challenges, promising innovations, best practices as well as priorities for action for the key aspects identified. The documents aim to support a common understanding of the status of adaptation practices in the region and will present the background for in-depth discussion on how to enhance resilience holistically. They highlight the intertwined nature of resilience and take stock of experiences and challenges of building resilience in the context of COVID-19 response and recovery.

The purpose of the background documentation is twofold: present the status of resilience under each enabler; and identify good practices and examples that may be presented at the forum. Each document covers the key aspects of resilience, analysing them against the means by which each of these systems may be enabled: the five enablers – Policy and Climate Governance; Planning and Processes; Science and Assessment; Technologies and Practices; and Finance and Investment.