Case study on mud crab farming, Thai Binh province

  • Vietnam

ENTRY DATE: 09.03.2012 | LAST UPDATE: 09.03.2012


  • Sub-national Level


  • Rural


  • Research and Development


  • Coastal Zone Management


Description of Intervention

Research key elements of sustainable coastal management, particularly mangrove forestry, and identify investment and management actions for mangrove forestry with an ecosystem-based approach

Problems to be Addressed

• Despite growing awareness that mangrove ecosystems are productive features that provides investment opportunities, mangroves are still being degraded and lost at an alarming rate across Asia;
• There has been considerable investment in planting mangroves, but without much attention to their long termrestoration and sustainable use;
• The role that healthy mangroves can play in terms of food security and livelihood provision are commonly undervalued/overlooked, especially the ecological links between mangroves and coastal fisheries; and
• Investment in mangrove services has high potential, but few proven mechanisms exist.


Examine successful factors of ecosystem-based and participatory approaches in sustainable coastal management projects in Southeast Asia


To investigate socio-economic benefits of applying the ecosystem approach in the coastal zone in relation to mangrove forests and food security

How it fits into the EbA concept

The mud crab farming utilizes ecosystem services provided by the mangrove forests planted as a buffer zone against typhoons. The earthen ponds for the farming are situated between a main sea dyke and an area of mangrove trees, maintaining the water quality through naturally-occurring tidal water exchange. All the ponds have simple sluice gate for water exchange and fencing to prevent the crabs from escaping. This form of aquaculture builds on the mangrove ecosystem, which provides both coastal protection to the ponds and a supply of crab seed and natural food to support crab rearing.

Relevant Publications

Successful Small-Scale Mudcrab Farming Development in the Thai Binh Province, Vietnam: A Case Study

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