Asia Regional Biodiversity Conservation Programme (ARBCP)

  • Vietnam

ENTRY DATE: 09.03.2012 | LAST UPDATE: 09.03.2012


  • Sub-national Level


  • Rural


  • Governance
  • Project Implementation


  • Forest Ecosystems


  • USD 5,000,001 - USD 10,000,000

Description of Intervention

• Mainstream pilot biodiversity conservation, PES and livelihoods activities in Lam Dong province;
• Implement a PES-bundling strategy in Lam Dong through development of forest carbon offset projects for sale, and assist the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam in testing its national climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy in the Dong Nai River Basin; and
• Establish a pilot PES policy in Cambodia.

Problems to be Addressed

The Greater Mekong Sub-region is one of the economically fastest growing regions globally, resulting in the fast pace of the loss of biodiversity. Given the economic nature of the current threats to biodiversity, a system of economic, social and policy incentives needs to be developed to preserve ecosystems.


Improve the management of natural resources and biodiversity in Southeast Asia and neighboring China


• To restore and maintaining ecosystem connectivity and function in biodiversity corridors and landscapes;
• To promote sustainable financing for biodiversity and natural resource conservation;
• To improve the livelihoods of the rural poor; and
• To strengthen environmental governance and institutional building

How it fits into the EbA concept

The project creates enabling socio-economic incentives and policy environments for restoring connectivity of ecosystems of the Lam Dong province. The project will show the linkages between the PES initiatives with Vietnam’s national climate change adaptation strategy in the Dong Nai River Basin. Although the project-related documents do not indicate the impacts of climate change in the Dong Nai River Basin, salinity intrusion is predicted under expected cimate change impacts by a few scientists. Hence, given the salinity intrusion as an effect of climate change, restoration and conservation of biodiversity along the Dong Nai River Basin can be considered as EbA.

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