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Loss and damage is an emerging field that is being addressed at the international level in the broad context of climate change.

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02 October 2013

"Gender Mainstreaming in Daily Practice"

Do you recognise this in your work??

  • "You are conscious of the need to pay more attention to Gender issues but you are not sure where to start. Though you are willing to make changes, it is not obvious what you should do that makes a difference. It is not your task to become a specialist, yet you need to ensure gender equity in your work. You are seeking for background knowledge on the gender discussion and practical tools and tips to contribute to Gender mainstreaming in your daily work."
  • If you recognise this, we warmly invite you to our Gender course in Laos on November 4-8. After this course, you will be able to use participative tools to predict the different impact of a given development initiative on both men and women and identify constraints to be addressed for maximum and equitable impact.


    Trainee Profile
    Consultants and professionals charged to mainstream gender, who may facilitate gender audits, gender sensitive planning and budgeting, evaluations, and the strengthening of effective attention for gender in daily practice.

    Essential Facts:

  • Date: 4-8 November 2013
  • Language: English only (not with Lao translation)
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Seat: Available
  • Course fee: € 850
  • Location: Vientiane Laos
  • Registration Deadline: 10th October 2013
    (The course fee includes lunch, snacks, course material and a certificate)


    Follow the link and register online: http://www.mdf.nl/course/csr/

    Gender awareness: Individual and cultural behavior
    Understanding the need for gender mainstreaming
    Sex and Gender
    Gender Analysis Tools
    Harvard Analytical Framework
    Moser Framework
    Gender Analysis Matrix
    Use of Gender Analysis Tools and Project Life Cycle
    Gender Lens
    Sex and Gender-related Indicators
    Participatory methods for monitoring
    Gender Mainstreaming
    Gender Budgeting

    Ms. Inez UsLeyanege
    Marketing & Client Liaison – MDF Asia
    Mobile: +94 77 3949041
    Tel: +94 11 2808121 or 11 2805122

Vientiane, Laos
12 September 2013

There is a growing realization in the scientific community of the world that the adaptation and mitigation actions to build up a climate resilient society have not been at par to the requirements of the day. This calls urgently for a new perspective of understanding of the impacts of climate change on society, especially the areas with a limited ability to adapt to some or all of those impacts. In this scenario, two major factors stand out clearly for the residual impacts; one is the inability of the global community to plan and implement sufficient adaptation measures at scale, place and time they are needed and secondly the failure of adaptation practices, suggesting that there is a limit to which adaptation can take place. This signifies that one should expect high possibilities of unavoidable damages despite planned mitigation and adaptation practices based on known climate change impacts. Thereby, recognizing and considering loss and damage into planning strategies is vital for making adaptation effective and sustainable. Given the complexity and urgency of the issue of loss and damage, there is a pressing need for the international community to provide clarity and leadership to address the residual impacts of climate change. 

Within this context, KEI-KACCC in collaboration with UNEP and APAN will organize an one-day training on “Climate Change Adaptation Considering Loss and Damage Issues” on 29 August 2013. This workshop will be followed by the organization of the International Conference on “Adaptation and Loss and Damage Associated with Climate Change in the Asia Pacific: Integrating Scientific Aspects” on 30-31 August 2013.

Presentation files

Part 1: Science of Climate Change

Part 2: Climate Change Adaptation

Part 3: Climate Change Adaptation Considering Loss and Damage

Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
16 August 2013

The Department of Environmental Science, Central University of Rajasthan and the Swedish Meteorology and Hydrology Institute, Sweden are jointly organizing the International Workshop on “Climate Change Impact and Societal Adaptation” from November 6-8, 2013 at Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer, India. Please visit the link http://www.curaj.ac.in/pdf/workshop/ensc/CURAJ_workshop.pdf for more information. The organisation committee is pleased to invite you to submit an abstract for workshop for oral or poster presentation.

Please submit your abstract and registration form through email to ccisa@curaj.ac.in by August 31, 2013. All submissions will be acknowledged on receipt.

Please feel free to circulate this information to your colleagues and others who may be interested.

In case you have any queries, you are welcome to contact at ccisa2013@curaj.ac.in (Dr. Devesh Sharma)

Thank you for your valuable support



Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan, India


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What is loss and damage?

Loss and damage is an emerging field that is being addressed at the international level in the global climate change negotiations and is also being considered by many national governments in light of increasing climate change impacts. Increased focus on loss and damage in recent years has been spurred by the realisation that existing levels of mitigation and adaptation will not be enough to avoid all negative impacts from climate change. These residual losses and damages will require new approaches and new ways of thinking and doing.

What is the purpose of this webpage?

This webpage will provide technical guidance on understanding and addressing loss and damage as well as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of best practices as countries in the Asia Pacific region begin to grapple with how to best address loss and damage.

Where can I find more information on Loss and Damage?

The Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative initiated by the Government of Bangladesh provides more information on the issue. Visit: http://lossanddamage.net

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