World Bank Institute Launches e-bulletin


World Bank Institute Launches e-bulletin

AUTHORS: The World Bank


June 2011


The World Bank (WB) has started  to restructure its areas of work into new pillars that will support in flexibly addressing the emerging priorities. In terms of communication, you may hence experience some changes in the names of WB programs. One such change is the introduction of a new program calledAgriculture, Soil, and Forests. Also, the Cities and Climate Change, and Innovation in Carbon Finance program names will eventually change to better reflect WB's current work program. All this and more will be reflected in its e-bulletin.This e-bulletin also includes among  others voices from the Carbon Expo and Africa Carbon Forum in 2010. This is also a good time to draw attention to the 2011 editions of these two events: the Carbon Expo will take place in Barcelona in June, while the Africa Carbon Forum will be held in Marrakech, Morocco, in July.
You can visit the e-bulletin by clicking the link below. Read more: World Bank Institute Launches e-bulletin :