Recovery and Climate Change

Best Practice / Lessons Learned

Recovery and Climate Change

ORGANISER: International Recovery Platform


January 2010



The Guidance Notes on Recovery: Climate Change draws from documented experiences of past and present recovery efforts, collected through a desk review and consultations with relevant experts. The collected materials are presented in the form of cases, loosely organized under several key issues and approaches. The document provides analysis of many of the cases, highlighting key lessons and noting points of caution and clarification. The case study format has been chosen in order to provide a richer description of recovery approaches, thus permitting the reader to draw other lessons or conclusions relative to a particular context.
The document organizes the material loosely around the following issues:
1. Climate resilient livelihoods
2. Climate resilient infrastructure
3. Stronger institutions for climate resilient recovery
4. Community based approaches for climate resilience
5. Health and climate change