OPPORTUNITY: The Climate Development Business Network: supporting B2B partnerships with climate and development outcomes


The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) is piloting an exciting new initiative seeking to enable business to business partnerships that demonstrate the potential to deliver sustained climate, poverty reduction and economic growth benefits. CDKN will look to use the pilot to build evidence on how business partnerships can be an effective way to engage the private sector to deliver such benefits and to show how targeted support may be used to lower the barriers that currently prevent business partnerships from happening.

CDKN is looking to support business to business partnerships that:

  • are themselves commercially viable and sustainable in the medium to long term (but which require ‘seed’ type funding to start or scale up);
  • provide benefits to businesses in one or more of CDKN’s focus countries and regions, namely Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Caribbean, Peru, El Salvador or Colombia. CDKN has a special, but not exclusive, focus on cities;
  • are within one or more of CDKN’s priority sectors (agriculture, energy, finance, water);
  • catalyse the transfer of knowledge, skills, business models, networks and technology amongst business for Climate Compatible Development objectives; and
  • contribute to CDKN’s private sector engagement objectives,which are as follows:
    1. Leverage private sector finance (a major challenge if the $100bn of climate finance per year is to be mobilised by 2020 and beyond). We expect businesses to co-invest in projects
    2. Demonstrate how public climate finance can be used to overcome market failures
    3. Ensure the long term sustainability of changes to policies and practices supported by CDKN (through self sustaining business actions)
    4. Strengthen the CDKN ‘Network’ (in particular enhancing connections between the private and public sectors)
    5. Validate the findings we have generated about climate and development and generate new knowledge

During the pilot phase support available to successful applicants will be in the range of £60,000 to £125,000 per project. Following the pilot phase there may be an opportunity for continued funding support.

For further information and to receive the bidding documentation please send an email to with your contact details.

The final deadline for submissions is 5pm (GMT+1) on 7th October 2013.


  • business sector
  • CDKN
  • climate development business
  • sustainable development