Mountain Voice


Mountain Voice

ORGANISER: Climate Himalaya
AUTHORS: Climate Himalaya


February 2013


During May 2012 Climate Himalaya launched Mountain Voice a multimedia information communication series to capture the experiences, thoughts and opinions of people, practitioners, policy makers and researchers on various climate linked issues in the Himalayan region. In this the team interacts with people to capture their voices to understand the current situation and their views on future actions by uploading them for the viewers worldwide. The objective of ‘Mountain Voice’ is to generate awareness about region at various levels, so that Himalayan mountains are recognized among the important places, those need attention of the world leaders towards climate adaptation and development. Through this series Climate Himalaya team is trying to ensure that the climate linked science and adaptation measures are communicated to the communities through videos, audio-visuals and other interactive media and also that the voices of mountain people from the countries like Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan is shared with the world. It includes video clips, webcam talks, conversations, presentation, among others.