Integrating Community and Ecosystem-Based Approaches in Climate Change Adaptation Responses


This paper is the result of extensive discussions led by adaptation professionals coming from different backgrounds and facilitated by the Ecosystem and Livelihoods Adaptation Network (ELAN). ELAN is an innovative alliance between two conservation organizations (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and WWF) and two development organizations (CARE International and the International Institute for Environment and Development). The objective of ELAN is to establish a global network to develop, evaluate, synthesize and share successful strategies for adapting to climate change, build capacity for such strategies to be assessed and implemented at national and sub-national levels, and advance policies and knowledge sharing platforms that will facilitate the scaling up of effective strategies. This paper argues for a more “integrated approach” to adaptation that addresses and seeks to reconcile differences between Community-based Adaptation (CBA) and Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EBA).


  • community and Ecosystem based Adaptation