Guidelines for Designing Bankable Adaptation Projects

Best Practice / Lessons Learned

Guidelines for Designing Bankable Adaptation Projects

ORGANISER: USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific


July 2016

For countries to gain direct access to international climate change adaptation funds, like the Adaptation Fund, they not only need to be able to pass stringent accreditation requirements, but they also need the skills to prepare sound project proposals that meet the requirements of the financing agency.

As the sixth publication in the USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific Adaptation Finance Knowledge Series, this paper presents a summary of the Project Appraisal Guidelines developed in collaboration with India’s National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). Building on NABARD’s project shortlisting criteria (described in the third publication in this series), the Guidelines help NABARD to harness the local knowledge of India’s civil society organizations to design strong adaptation projects for funding from the Adaptation Fund.