Ecosystem-based adaptation and climate change vulnerability for Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands : synthesis report


Choiseul is a province of the Solomon Islands with a population of 26,372 people. Sustainable livelihoods in Choiseul Province are closely linked to healthy terrestrial and coastal ecosystems. The majority of inhabitants earn their livelihood from natural resources such as copra, garden crops, seaweed and timber. Ecosystems also provide other essential services such as freshwater, healthy coral reefs, fertile soil, traditional medicines and protection from the threats of climate change and natural disasters.

This report builds on a climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment for Choiseul Province in the Solomon Islands through an Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Ridge to Reef approach.


  • biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • ecosystem services
  • Food
  • Food Security
  • healthy coral reefs
  • logging
  • mining
  • natural and human systems
  • priceless ecosystem services
  • protected areas
  • ridge to reef
  • Solomon Islands
  • water management