Ecosystem-based Adaptation – A new approach to advance natural solutions for climate change adaptation


Climate Change has already a major and even increasing impact on global developments and risks. Extreme events like flash floods, landslides, and severe droughts in diverse parts of the world will become more severe and more frequent. These impacts will have negative effects on several sectors like water and agriculture. Food security can be threatened, health risks may occur and the well-being of humans in general is endangered. Thailand is one of the major food producers. However floods and droughts gradually become the unavoidable threats for food production.

Thus, a number of (inter)national organizations develop several tools to tackle the negative impacts of Climate Change and to cope with the hazards to reduce the potential loss and damages of lives and properties. Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) has emerged as a key instrument widely applicable to help people to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. EbA, similar to green infrastructure, uses services that ecosystems are already providing, addressing the crucial link between sustainable resource management for the benefit of human populations and biodiversity conservation.

EbA relevant case studies and literature address a broad range of water security topics, however, they lack knowledge on technical-economic comparison between EbA and alternative measures. The Vulnerability Analysis was conducted to identify major vulnerabilities and prioritize EbA measures for flood & drought risk reduction and piloted in 3 river basins in Thailand to mitigate these threats. It supports the implementation of sustainable and locally adapted approaches in partnership with existing river basin committees. It is also in line with the King of Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to apply technologies based on local resources and knowhow.

The EbA measure publication provides a clear understanding on the components leading to the successful implementation. GIZ-ECOSWat developed an Infographic for EbA to demonstrate the integration of diversified components of EbA implementation in watersheds, in order to adapt the livelihood and benefit from EbA in the same time.


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