Climate Change Research Strategy for Thailand: Program Brochure

Factsheet / Brochure

Climate Change Research Strategy for Thailand: Program Brochure

ORGANISER: USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific


February 2013


The Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP), together with the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and the Royal Institute (RI), have requested assistance from ADAPT Asia-Pacific to formulate a strategic plan that will identify, support, monitor and assess a national strategy for climate change research in Thailand. 

The program will identify critical gaps in climate change research and help ensure that funding goes to research which helps fill these gaps. Plans are to be developed for regular monitoring and evaluation of the national climate change research agenda. This will ensure that the scientific foundation for future climate change projects remains strong, whilst reflecting both the needs of the Thai people and international norms. Ultimately, the proposed work will support Thailand in preparing high quality climate change programs, projects and policies, and strengthen the country’s ability to access international climate change financing for their implementation.