Strengthening Adaptive Capacities to the Impacts of Climate Change


The project Strengthening adaptive capacities to the impacts of climate change in resource-poor small-scale aquaculture and aquatic resources-dependent sectors in the south and south east Asian region also known as “Aquaclimate” aims to strengthen the adaptive capacities of rural farming communities to the impacts of climate change. This three-year project focuses on small-scale aquaculture and related sectors that are comprised largely of poor people who depend on aquatic resources for their livelihoods. The project is working in four countries: Vietnam, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. The project will map farmers’ perceptions and attitudes towards prospective climate change impacts and their adaptive capacities to address these impacts. The project will develop future scenarios based on the current trends, assess the potential adaptive measures for different aquatic farming systems and prioritise better management practices, suggest codes of practice and improved methodologies for such systems.


Irushine Wadage, Coordinator, Email:

Prof. Sena De Silva, Email:


  • aquatic resources
  • Climate change adaptation
  • small scale farmers