Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Community BAsed Adaptation (PM&E4CBA)


The Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Based Adaptation (PM+E4CBA) project will identify and tailor monitoring and evaluation instruments for enabling local planning, management and assessment of community based adaptation based on existing frameworks for participatory monitoring and evaluation, and for longitudinal evidence collection and analysis to identify the socio‐economic effectiveness of local adaptation actions to climate change.

The major objectives include, among others;

  • Elaborate a set of instruments to measure the effectiveness of adaptation activities at community scale
  • To test and tailor a framework for longitudinal assessment of the socio‐economic assessment of local adaptation
  • To test and tailor a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) system for Community Based Adaptation
  • To disseminate the instruments developed within Bangladesh and internationally

Location: 10 selected sites where Action Partners are implementing Climate Change Adaptation Projects across Bangladesh

Target group: CBA practitioners


1 year (July 2011- June 2012)


  • community based adaptation
  • Monitoring and evaluation