Does the platform replicate work that is already being done by others?

No, it does not. While there are a number of networks and partnerships for action on climate change, what the platform offers is a unique space specifically devoted to learning about adaptation strategies as they are being undertaken. The platform is solution-focused, enabling professional and technical staff to meet, network and share information and experiences on common sets of challenges in this region.

How are governments in Asia involved in this programme?

Government agencies and individual civil servants are able to share experiences, access information and get in touch with counterparts working in comparable situations in other countries through the joint training, research and networking activities offered by the platform.

I work for a non-profit organization in the field of development. What can the platform offer people at the grassroots?

The platform is a ‘space’ to enable professionals working in areas relating to climate adaptation to share their knowledge and experience with each other. If you are working with poor communities where farmers are dealing with changed planting seasons or new pest infestations, where urban shanty-dwellers are finding that ‘climate migrants’ are crowding out already overstretched services, or where more village children are coming down with dengue fever – then the platform may indeed have something to offer you. It is all about linking up with others who are facing similar challenges, and figuring out what responses will work best in your particular situation.

I’m already undertaking research on adaptation to climate change in my university programme. What can the platform offer me?

The platform offers ‘still-warm’ findings from the field – the most current feedback from the people working at the frontline of change and adaptation. At the crossroads of the disciplines, there are no experts. Instead you will find people who are marking out the parameters of this new and rapidly expanding field of study, and who may be potential collaborators and mentors in the future.

What are the aims of the platform?

The Adaptation Platform is helping countries in Asia adapt to the challenges of climate change at local, national and regional levels through a process of capacity building and strengthening. Broadly speaking, there are three general aims: to establish a regional system for sharing of knowledge on adaptation to climate change, to generate new knowledge about it, and to promote the application of new and existing knowledge about climate change in Asia.

What are user points?

User points are our simple way of offering recognition to our members. Each time you participate on the site, whether through sharing content, making a comment, joining a group, and more, you get awarded a point. The accumulated points are not used for anything other than recognition level at this time, but there is a possibility of redemption for premium content in the future.

What can the platform offer to business people?

The platform offers many opportunities to access new research information directly from universities, institutes and practitioners, and to feed into the agenda for new research to be undertaken. Platform events will offer networking opportunities and the chance to share with others successful strategies and lessons learned in business sectors such as agriculture, transport, and construction.

What happens at the end of the three-year programme?

This field is developing so rapidly that it is hard to predict with certainty what will happen at the end of three years. Furthermore, many countries in Asia are experiencing such dynamic economic and social changes that in turn have impacts on how climate change is being experienced and addressed. Apart from the immediate benefits generated during the three years of operation, the Adaptation Platform will contribute to a substantial repository of knowledge and experience that will continue to be used by governments and the private sector in the future. It is expected that there will be ongoing input to the platform from those who have gained considerable expertise in climate adaptation strategies through this round of programme activities.

What is loss and damage?

Loss and damage is an emerging field that is being addressed at the international level in the global climate change negotiations and is also being considered by many national governments in light of increasing climate change impacts. Increased focus on loss and damage in recent years has been spurred by the realisation that existing levels of mitigation and adaptation will not be enough to avoid all negative impacts from climate change. These residual losses and damages will require new approaches and new ways of thinking and doing.

What is the purpose of this webpage?

This webpage will provide technical guidance on understanding and addressing loss and damage as well as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of best practices as countries in the Asia Pacific region begin to grapple with how to best address loss and damage.

Where can I find more information on Loss and Damage?

The Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative initiated by the Government of Bangladesh provides more information on the issue. Visit: http://lossanddamage.net

Who will benefit from this programme?

It is expected that many people will benefit from this platform. The immediate beneficiaries are most likely to be civil servants, researchers and development workers who will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to promote climate adaptation strategies in their work. Eventually, the beneficiary pool will be very wide as climate knowledge is applied for the public good in diverse areas of work.

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