International Initiatives of Kazakhstan on Climate Change


International Initiatives of Kazakhstan on Climate Change

EVENT DATE: 03 May 2012


10 July 2012

The Ministry of Environment Protection, Kazakhstan, held a session on “Green Growth: Post-Kyoto Prospects”, within the framework of the IV Astana Economic Forum, on May 3, 2012. The participants discussed the issues of green economy development, mitigation of human impact on the environment and human health, preservation and restoration of natural ecosystems, and development of environmental management systems. Kazakhstan presented the Europe-Asia-Pacific Partnership Programme under the Astana Green Bridge Initiative for 20112020. The Programme aims mainly at the development of cooperation among the countries of Europe, Asia and the Pacific in their transition from the conventional models of economy to the green growth concept as well as the mechanisms of combining the processes of economic growth and environmental protection within the framework of the Green Bridge Partnership Programme. Mr. Rae Kwon Chung, Director, Environment and Development Division, ESCAP, supported the Astana Initiative as a successful regional contribution to the Rio+20 Conference at the CSD-19 closing meeting, held with the assistance of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Consequently, two initiatives of Kazakhstan—Astana Green Bridge Initiative, and Global Energy and Environment Strategy—were included in the final document of the Rio+20 conference.