30.01.2018 - 31.01.2018

Advancing Practices in Climate Change Adaptation at National, Local, and Sectoral Levels


This workshop aims to support stronger implementation Climate Change Adaptation by addressing key areas for moving from planning to practice, especially in relation to vertical integration.

Through exchanging relevant information, experiences and lessons learned from implementing NAP process in the region, this workshop will help in enhancing capacity building of national government officials and other relevant stakeholders who are engaged in developing and implementing adaptation plans and CCA background assessments in the region.

The expected outputs of the workshop include: 1) sharing good practices and lessons learned from existing programs and projects on CCA vertical integration, 2) identifying challenges and opportunities for countries to engage in these good practices, and 3) explore ways to fill in the gaps by considering available resources in the region and beyond.

For more information, please visit http://www.adaptation-platform.nies.go.jp/en/ap-plat/news/20180302.html

Presentation files

Session I: National Support Mechanisms for Vertical Integration and Local Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation plans and policy

Session II: Panel discussion on Effective Tools and Approaches for Local-level Adaptation Implementation
Session III: Local-level good practices in Adaptation planning, mainstreaming and implementation
Session IV: Facilitated Discussion on Key Factors for Local-level Mainstreaming and Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation and Session V: Day 1 Closing and Summary
​Day 2



  • NAP
  • national level
  • workshop