Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

About us

Yamaha Motor considers it important to work to prevent global warming, conserve energy, prevent environmental pollution, reduce waste, and conserve resources, as well as to respond to the global environment through personal mobility, which is the core of our business. Based on this concept, we introduced water purification equipment for rural villages, which have less environmental impact due to technological innovation. We are promoting social contribution activities based on the human resources, goods, and know-how that we have cultivated in our business, and taking into consideration the harmony with the global environment in all of our corporate activities.

Products name: YCW-008A/YCW-002A

■ The environmentally friendly “slow sand filtration” system

The Yamaha Clean Water Supply System is a compact water purification system for surface water (e.g. from river, lake) developed for use in rural areas with difficulty to obtain safe water. Following future realizes sustainability for the communities by their own operation.

  • Low running cost (No use of coagulant or membrane filters needed to be purchased continuously)
  • Easy maintenance (No need engineers with special technique)
  • Available for operating by the local community

■ Areas where it has been installed

The Yamaha Clean Water Supply System is mainly introduced in areas where it is difficult to secure safe drinking water even with wells, or where people are forced to drink muddy surface water contaminated with E. coli and other substances. Since the start of the project, more than 40 units have been installed in Asia and African countries. Through this project, we will contribute to the achievement of goal 6 of the SDGs, “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”.