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We, Shibata Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 1923, are a leading company of Industrial Rubber products manufactured particularly for Marine Rubber Fender, Civil Engineering and other supportive Industrial Products as well as water proof roofing and geomembrane water proof liner. One of our company policies has been stated is to contribute for “Safety, Disaster Mitigation and Environmental Awareness”.

Our water-reserved system

Recently to contribute disaster and climate-change resilience, we are aiming to create our water-reserved system so that it can be used at where is severely facing a draught situation. We have installed it in more than 700 ponds in Japan with our water proofing sheets (Rubber, PVC, or HDPE sheets). We highly intend spreading our water reserved system to other countries where are facing problems of water seepage, draught and flood.

To reduce water loss at rural

Our pond liner is not only lied at the bottom and sides of the ponds, but we also have floating joined-lids to prevent water evaporation by sunlight. This system is highly being aimed at reducing water loss at Rural, Cultivation areas and it helps enhance living standard of the rural people.



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Yosuke Agari
Yuya Kimori
Kazuo Yamamoto
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About us

Establishment: August 10,1923.
President: Atsuki Shibata
Capital: 97 million yen
Employees: 365 (Group Total : 490)
Sales: 14.1 billion yen (as of June, 2020)

Our Products

Establishment: August 10,1923.
Marine Products
Civil Engineering Products
Flood Protection Door
Reinforced Rubber Sheets
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)
Rubber Shoes