Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

About us

We have developed 3 unique and cutting-edge technologies for climate change, (1) BSC method to protect slope against erosion, and (2) Infrastructure Monitoring Service using Satellite SAR, and (3) Satellite Anti-Disaster Information Service by Satellite Data Analysis.

1. BSC (Biological Soil Crust) method: By spraying BSC-1 material made from cosmopolitan soil algae species, algae network among soil particle will be formulated and they will protect the slope against rain drop and surface runoff which causes soil erosion on a slope. This method can be applied to many occasions; i.e. road, railway, reservoir, slope collapse, where we need control erosion and accelerate vegetation recovery.

2. Infrastructure monitoring system using SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar): Using satellite SAR interferometric time-series analysis, this service provides extensive monitoring of social infrastructure such as sediment slopes, riverbanks, and roads, and provides an appropriate risk assessment for displacement over time. High-accurate displacement monitoring of several millimeters is possible to for a wide range of infrastructure facilities.

3. Satellite Anti-Disaster Information Service: This system analyses satellite data and displays the results such as topography, changes of facilities, damage information during disasters, on a detailed map.