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We can solve the water related issues caused by climate change such as seawater intrusion and high tuibidity.

We are a water treatment engineering company in Japan that provide various kinds of water and wastewater treatment and associated systems.

1) On-site water treatment and supply system

The system treats and supplies safe drinking water for communities, hospitals, etc. The water supply pipeline is shorter than larger-scale waterworks; thus, saves energy. Also, it can treat water sources such as groundwater and surface water that have impacts of seawater intrusion or high turbidity during the prolonged rainy season due to climate change.

2) Real-time Remote Monitoring System, WeLLDAS

The system can monitor water quality and equipment operation status on a real-time basis using local SIM card. Users can access to the data via their smartphones and PCs and get alerts when any issues are found.

On-site Water Treatment System

It is a water treatment system that employs membrane filtration technology to treat city water, groundwater or river water and to supply safe drinking water stably. Each system is taylor-made according to the clients’ needs and requirements.

The system lasts 15 years under an appropriate operation and maintenance conditions. There are more than 1,300 plants installed in Japan, mainly at hospitals and shopping malls, and a few installed overseas including a water service provider in Kenya, a private hospital in Vietnam and a condominium in Myanmar.

Since the system is installed on-site, the water supply pipeline is shorter than larger-scale, centralized waterworks; thus saves energy. Also, the system can treat water sources such as groundwater and surface water that have impacts of seawater intrusion or high turbidity during the prolonged rainy season due to climate change.

Real-time Remote Monitoring System, WeLLDAS

On-site Water Treatment System is equipped with a remote monitoring system called, WeLLDAS, which enables monitoring of plant operating conditions, water quality, etc. Those data can be accessed from any location, not just on-site. The system is operated from remote areas using a local SIM for mobile, so it is ideal for areas in which access is difficult. It contributes to implementing efficient maintenance of the plants located globally.

WeLLDAS can also be introduced individually to municipal water treatment plants, whether new or existing. It will help water services providers grasp the operational conditions, i.e. water pressure, supply volume, and water quality of both raw and treated water.

River Water Desalination

This System is a reference of surface water desalination in Myanmar.

In this project, the river water becomes turbid in rainy season and salty in dry season. So we designed a system to treat the water throughout the year, using both UF membrane and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane.

  • Site Location: Yangon City
  • Supply Area: Residential Area
  • Capacity: 1.0-1.5 m3/h (Raw water intake: 2.0 m3/h)
  • Raw Water: Surface water
  • Usage: Drinking water
  • Process: Submerged UF → RO
  • Objectives: Installation of a pilot system that
  • Start supplying: From May 2016 to May 2017

Groundwater Monitoring

In this project, we installed WeLLDAS, remote monitoring system to monitor salinity and water level of groundwater.

When groundwater level becomes low, salinity in the goundwater becomes high. In that case, waterworks company needs to stop taking water not to supply seawater.

This kind of issue is friquent these days because of climate change.



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