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Sky Gel is an innovative horticultural hydrogel for plant growth.

As Sky Gel has the enormous capability as a water supplying agent, you can drastically reduce the frequency of water supplying.

Sky Gel is much effective for roof and slope planting.


The current horticultural hydrogels are made from SAP which has been used for paper diapers, sanitary napkins, etc. and various products using SAP have been developed and commercialized. Although, in case SAP is added to soil at high concentration, it disturbs the germination and growth of the plants. Its reason had been thought that as SAP had too much high capability of charging water, it absorbs water from plants.

We investigated and found the reason for the growth inhibition by the current horticultural hydrogels (SAP) was adsorbing the calcium ion which was essential for plant growth and releasing the sodium ion which was harmful for plants. We succeeded the development of SkyGel on the basis of SAP; the absorption of calcium ion is significantly reduced, keeping its high capability of absorbing water.



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