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As various constructions and surroundings of AGRICULTURE and FOOD INDUSTRY are changing in a big way;

All farmers and entrepreneurs have to change their mind and method for undertaking adequately today.

  • Every stock farmer has been under an obligation to treat animal droppings and urine appropriately in Japan (Throwing animal droppings and urine away in the field as they are is prohibited by law)
  • Every Food Industry has to reduce food and organic waste by 20 % in Japan.

From now on, also we think to be considered similar regulations around the world.

The cost increase in production, processing and distribution has become serious problem today.

People’s interest in the reservation of environment and in the security of food has increased more and more and special skill for production, processing and distribution of agricultural produces has been required considerably.

We propose a solution of environmental problem with low cost.

We propose a method for agricultural production with added value.

We propose a scheme for Lasting Agriculture based on Recycle System of Resources, which brings more profits to farmers and which meets with the high-grade requirement of consumers.



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