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NMR Pipetector clears the discoloration of supply water to make it drinkable
As the years pass and water pipes get old, water becomes discolored in reddish-brown due to red rust corrosion inside the tubes. This troublesome rusting also reduces chlorine concentration in the tap water, ending up in numerous bacteria developing inside the lines.

It is why the main water is not hygienic in many developing countries. Not a quite few towns and cities in such nations are suffering from water discoloration.

Once NMR Pipetector clears water discoloration by converting red rust to black rust, the chlorine concentration level will be kept, making the water drinkable.

NMR Pipetector saves the plastic bottle consumption
Climate change is accelerating due to global warming. Now that the risk of water depletion is heightening, securing water resources is becoming crucial more than ever.

However, many regions worldwide face water scarcity because of water leaks through pinholes on deteriorated pipes. Water quality degradation also makes it challenging to consume drinking water; thus, the world’s consumption of plastic bottles is rising day by day. Many developing countries that cannot reuse plastic bottles dump them directly into rivers and the ocean, leading to ocean pollution.

NMR Pipetector reduces the use of plastic bottles and rectifies marine plastic pollution by making tap water drinkable.

NMR Pipetector drastically reduces CO2 emissions to make pipe replacement unnecessary
Plastic bottle consumption is still soaring in the world, as explained. Reusing plastic bottles emits a lot of carbon dioxide.

With NMR Pipetector, the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, contributing to ease global warming.

NMR Pipetector Principal Features: NMR Pipetector is installed on pipes within a few hours without disrupting the water supply. It is because the collar-shaped device is fitted directly to the outer surface of water lines.

NMR Pipetector has been widely adopted not just in Japan but also in the U.K. and other nations. The innovative device is designed for several types of water tubes, from underground water mains to residential homes and large-scale facilities’ domestic tap, hot, air-conditioning heating, chilled and condenser pipes.

About Us Since our establishment on June 13, 1988, Japan System Planning Co., Ltd. (JSP) has been developing and selling anti-corrosion pipe renewal device NMR Pipetector as our main product. We have many branches and offices across Japan and a subsidiary in the U.K.

This year, we are delighted to celebrate our 33rd anniversary, thanks to our customers.

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Anti-corrosion and pipe renewal device NMR PIPETECTOR®

NMR Pipetector prevents red rust in domestic cold, hot and central heating, chilled water pipes in apartments, hotels, hospital and other building and extends lifespan of the piping as long as that of buildings without replacement. It is the most cost-efficient way to address red rust-related problems as it can be effective at a short period of time without shutting off water supply.

NMR Pipetector installation on a water main in Vietnam

comparison in the color of sampled water before and after the installations.

Red rust corrosion inside pipes is closely related to the degradation of drinking water quality. Now that the risk of water scarcity has been heightening triggered by climate change, we humans are in urgent need to maintain the tap water clean not to waste the precious resource.

Marine pollution because of dumped plastic products is one of the serious environmental problems besides climate change.

NMR Pipetector can also contribute to solving the pollution mainly stemming from plastic bottles flowing into the ocean. In detail, NMR Pipetector rectifies deteriorated tap water safe and secure enough for drinking by preventing red rust corrosion inside water tubes. It will eventually lead to a drastic reduction in plastic bottle consumption.

Plastic bottles thrown away in the ocean will be decomposed to microplastic wastes, becoming a threat to marine lives. It is also known that fishes and shellfishes contaminated with microplastics have ill effects on human health by eating them.

NMR Pipetector is gathering attention as the breakthrough to make considerable improvements on these difficulties by securing safe drinking water.