About us

GIKEN was founded in 1967 as a company to solve environmental pollution problems. At that time, construction pollution was a serious social problem due to excessive noise and vibration generated from piling machines. Taking the initiative in solving this problem, GIKEN invented the “Press-in Machine” named Silent Piler which utilizes reaction force derived from extraction resistance of previously installed piles to install the next pile. This is why a compact press-in machine does not generate vibration and noise. The Press-in Method has been registered to Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP) run by UNIDO, as a technology that can contribute to sustainable industrialization, and this method has been used in more than 40 countries/regions.

Not only providing pollution-free pilling method, GIKEN has also developed our products with the aim of protecting human lives and properties from the damage caused by natural disasters. GIKEN established a construction method, named the Implant Method, which involves pressed-in piles that have the frame and base as one into the ground, building persistent structures that are integrated with the earth. Each pile has high rigidity and quality, demonstrating high rigidity against external forces. The Implant method provides solutions for disaster management especially against floods and tsunamis caused by torrential rains and earthquakes as well as for rapid development of urban infrastructures.