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Farmland Co., Ltd. is a part of Farmdo Group. Established in Gunma prefecture, Japan in 1994 the group has grown with the mission to “Support agriculture and help farmers increase their incomes.” As a result, Farmland and the concept of Solar Farm was created to make use of abandoned agriculture land in Japan by installing solar arrays in such a way that the company could also continue to farm the land. Producing both clean energy and crops from the same land helps maximise its potential pves the way for a society better adapted to climate change.

Now, Farmland has expanded its activities overseas to Mongolia and Chile through the support of the Joint Crediting Mechanism of the Japanese Ministry of Environment. Future goals are to establish a presence in South East Asia as well as Africa.

Please see our brochure titled “Farmdo Group – Achieving SDGs Through Use of JCM” in the files section for additional information about our various projects. If you would like to learn more about our activities do not hesitate to reach out to our representative, Remi Wyszynski during the course of this event.


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Remi Wyszynski


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