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About us

Established in 1955, Daiwa House is “a Group that co-creates value for individuals, communities, and people’s lifestyles.” It constructs a wide variety of development business, including single-family houses, rental housing, condominiums, commercial facilities, logistics facilities, medical/care facilities, and corporate facilities, as well as the hotel, home center, and sports club operation business. With its eyes on the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2055, Daiwa House has formulated a long-term environmental vision called “Challenge ZERO 2055” in an attempt to successfully achieve zero environmental impacts. By becoming the world’s first construction/housing company to join both RE100 and EP100, Daiwa House has further accelerated its commitment to the environment.

Managing Climate Change Risks

The air temperature and the number of extremely hot summer days are more likely to rise due to climate change, increasing the risk of heatstroke. Daiwa House owns a number of construction sites where outdoor work is performed, and it is important to take appropriate actions to protect the health of its staff and that of partner companies from heatstroke.

Therefore, the company is working with partner companies to set up break areas that provide shelter from sunlight, stocking drinking water and beverages, and to provide training on heatstroke prevention.

Environmental Sensor WEATHERY

Heatstroke Prevention and Risk Reduction Using Environmental Sensors

Daiwa House has been involved in the joint development of environmental sensors called WEATHERY with its partner company, and has installed them at about over 1400 construction sites since 2016. The environmental sensors consist of three different sensors: a temperature/humidity, a wind speed, and a motion sensor for security. Once it detects temperature, humidity, and/or wind speed exceeding the reference value, the sensor will warn workers with indicating lights and concurrently sounds and notify the administrator by email. This allows the company to prevent incidents and take action in the early stages.




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