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Challenergy is the manufacturer of the world’s first typhoon-proof vertical axis wind turbine – the Magnus VAWT. We deliver clean, quiet, safe, reliable, and connected electricity in places where it’s most needed, in times when it’s most essential. We generate when others won’t.

Wind energy has never been this quiet.
Although wind is considered one of the cleanest and most sustainable renewable energy sources, conventional wind turbines are known for their characteristic noise causing annoyance and negative experiences in communities and nearby wildlife. Our Magnus VAWT is designed to significantly reduce noise compared to its conventional counterparts so that generating clean energy does not come at the expense of a tranquil neighborhood.

Wind energy has never been this safe.
One of the lingering concerns about conventional propeller-type wind turbines is the risk it poses to wildlife such as birds or bats that pass nearby. Magnus VAWT’s slow rotation (one tenth of conventional) enables these animals to foresee the turbine in their flight paths. This, in addition to its optimized height minimizes fatal risks to our winged friends.

Wind energy has never been this reliable.
It is ironic that wind turbines as we know them would need to stop amid strong winds. Not for Challenergy. The patented Magnus Technology at the core of our wind turbine’s innovative design allows for the control of power generation even in extreme wind speed and changing directions, just like during typhoons and hurricanes. While conventional wind turbines would stop generating electricity even before a storm turns into a typhoon/hurricane, our Magnus VAWT keeps on.

We won’t leave you in the dark.
Many typhoon-prone areas are often also hard-to-reach or isolated communities, making it difficult to coordinate response in times of disaster. Our next-generation wind turbine is equipped with an antenna and stable satellite communication that will ensure connectivity at times when it is most needed. Together with our network of partner experts, we develop microgrids that can integrate other energy sources, both conventional and renewable — not only to lower the price of electricity, but to make sure that no one is left in the dark in the darkest of times.

Currently we have a 10-kW model deployed in Okinawa, Japan, and another will be deployed in Batanes, Philippines this summer in 2021. We are on our way to mass production and scaling up!

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