AXA Climate

About us

Today, businesses impact climate as much as climate impacts businesses. Tomorrow, corporate responses to the climate crisis will be a greater predictor of success than digital transformation has been over the past 30 years.

At AXA Climate, our purpose is to help the Plant Earth become a stakeholder of all companies, just the same way employees, customers and shareholders are today. We offer organizations to transform by putting the climate, its risks and its opportunities at the heart of their strategy.

We help you build resilience by

  • Training your employees to engage them in your transformation
  • Alerting you in real time in the event of Natural Disasters
  • Adapting your value chain to climate risks
  • Instantly compensating the damage suffered
  • Financing your climate resilient equipment

We are 100 climate experts, spread over 5 continents and driven by the same desire for impact. Together with you, we are convinced that we can change things in a tangible, rapid and pragmatic way.