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Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) is an autonomous international organization that works to build the resilience of people and institutions to disasters and climate change impacts in Asia and the Pacific. Established in 1986, it provides comprehensive technical services to countries in the region across social and physical sciences to support sustainable solutions for risk reduction and climate resilience. ADPC supports countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific in building their DRR systems, institutional mechanisms and capacities to become resilient to numerous hazards, such as floods, landslides, earthquake, cyclones, droughts, etc.

Working across a broad range of specialist areas, ADPC develops and implements cross-sectoral projects/programs on the strategic themes of risk governance, urban resilience, climate resilience, health risk management, preparedness for response and resilient recovery. Our strategic themes are complemented and underpinned by the cross-cutting themes of gender and diversity, regional and transboundary cooperation as well as poverty and livelihoods. The ADPC Academy designs and delivers specialist capacity-building and training courses at all levels and also enhances the capabilities of national training centers on DRR.

ADPC Product-1: ADPC Prodct:Mekong Drought and Crop Watch (MDCW)

ADPC Product-2: Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for Landslide Risk Management

Unique Guidance Document which includes a Plant Manual for integrated and inclusive approaches on how to use Nature-Based Solution (NbS) as adaptation measures for managing landslide risks in Sri Lanka, will also be showcased.

ADPC Product-3: Climate Inclusive Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment and Interactive Information System

Unique and detailed risk assessment of Dala Township, Yangon, Myanmar to help urban planning, early warning system development and prioritize city financial planning for disaster risk resilience.


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