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Agricultural weather observation equipment

This system is designed for agricultural testing and research institutions, and can be used for observation processing without using a general-purpose personal computer. Observation items can be selected according to the purpose of testing and research.


  • Various meteorological observation sensors are available for testing and research purposes.
  • Observation data is temporarily stored in the data logger, and data is distributed upon request from a personal computer. (There is a missing measurement compensation function.)
  • A data logger can be installed at a remote location or outdoors, and data can be sent over a telephone line or specified low-power radio.
  • Observation continues for 24 hours even during a power outage.
  • Daily, semi-annual, seasonal, monthly, and annual reports can be printed, and observation data graphs can be displayed and printed.
  • Current data and various forms can be displayed on the intranet and downloaded. (option)
  • An innovative soil moisture meter (TDR method) can be connected.