7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 
Enabling Resilience for All: The Critical Decade to Scale-up Action
Week at Glance

Resilience is the unifying theme of the Forum and discussions will be organised around the five enablers: (i) Climate Governance and Policy, (ii) Planning and Processes, (iii) Science and Assessment (iv) Technologies and Practices, and (v) Finance and Investment, through which resilience may be enhanced to deliver an inclusive resilience society, the resilience of economic sectors, nature-based resilience and resilience of local communities against the adverse impacts of climate change.

The Forum will feature one enabler per day. The theme will be introduced through a plenary session in which experts will frame the key issues, with the aim to deepen understanding on: a) how each enabler is currently supporting efforts of building the resilience of society, economic sectors, nature, and local communities against the adverse impacts of climate change; b) where trade-offs may occur and how to minimize and avoid them; and c) how to scale-up good examples and practices to support resilience for all. Sessions will also explore interlinkages among the five enablers and how they can support building resilience in a holistic manner.

Parallel technical sessions around the four thematic streams will focus on (i) Inclusive Resilience; (ii) Nature-based Resilience (iii) Economic Sector Resilience; and (iv) Communities and Local Resilience and will allow for dialogue and interactions among participants as they examine in great detail particular topics from a number of perspectives.

(Bangkok time: UTC +7 | Tokyo time: UTC +9)

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