Adaptation Quotes

Bjoern Surborg
Climate Change, GIZ

Building true resilience to climate change requires much more than a few changes to our systems and infrastructure. It requires a holistic transition, addressing every aspect of our lives and allowing us to learn, how to live with uncertainty

Elmer Mercado
World Bank, Former Undersecretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Sustainable resilience of people, communities and ecosystems can only be achieved if the unequal social, economic and political ties that strangles are continually unbound through our deliberate, collective and dedicated action.

Arivudai Nambi Appadurai
India Adaptation Strategy Head for the Climate Resilience Practice, WRI

Resilience, in today's context is definitely not about bouncing back to normal state, it is about accepting and preparing for new realities

Emma Tiaree
International Programs, CARE

Communities bounce back faster from disasters when women are involved and respected in decision making and communities work together to prepare and respond. Climate resilience starts with equal.

Jose Bernardo Gochoco

There are no completely safe places. There are only places of varying risks and vulnerabilities, and the people’s capacity to prepare and adapt.

Laura Altinger
United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UNESCAP)

We need to prioritise ambitious and transformational projects that can make it cheaper to adapt to climate change and reduce future climate risks and that have a large, measurable impact on reducing vulnerability.

Supachai Tantikom
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Building city resilience requires the leader’s strong political will and collaboration from all stakeholders in the city.

Arvind Kumar
President, India Water Foundation

Resilience, broadly construed as the ability to successfully deal with change, is a characteristic of individuals, communities, and ecosystem., We depend on ecosystems for our survival and in turn impact these ecosystems from the local to the global level. Building resilience into an ecosystem means working to support the health and functions of associated habitats, organisms and processes. For that reason, both the Aichi Biodiversity targets and the Sustainable Development Goals include resilient ecosystems as a key priority for action.

Dr. Saleemul Huq
Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)

The Asia Pacific region is one of the most vulnerable to adverse impacts of climate change. However, it is also leading the world in enhancing adaptive capacity of its people. The Adaptation Forum is an important element in knowledge sharing and enhancing adaptive capacity.

Mayor Alfred Matugas Coro II
Mayor, Del Carmen, Siargao Islands

We are now with a generation that is most educated and knowledgeable. With this generation, let us treat the current Climate Change challenges as an opportunity to innovate, resolve issues and do something better for our world to be more adaptive and sustainable.