Technical Workshop on Project Preparation for Climate Resilience Water Projects in Asia

Oct 15
Multifunction Hall 2 and Lecture Hall 2
Rice Paddy

The workshop responds to country demands for support to strengthen capacity to prepare high quality climate resilience water project proposals, appropriately structure project finance, and access the diverse set of available financing sources. The GCF will be taken as a reference fund to build country requested capacity. The intention is that capacity built in this process is useful for preparing climate resilience water projects that may seek financing from other sources as well. Related to the GCF, the workshop will focus on building capacity of the GCF National Designated Authority (NDA), Direct Access Entities (DAEs) and potential DAEs, and water ministries or national water agencies. Coordination among these national level mechanisms for successful preparation and participation in the workshop will serve as a useful example of similar cross-institutional coordination required to access other climate funds.