Tuesday 16 July, 2024


Welcome to the 2nd Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum will provide a unique opportunity to share frontline findings and innovations, opportunities and challenges in mainstreaming Climate Change adaptation into development. Building on from Adaptation Forum 2010, the Forum this year aims to focus on “Adaptation in Action” signifying a shift from deliberations to decisions, plans to policies and policies to practices. The interactive Adaptation Forum 2011 will gather adaptation practitioners at global, regional, national, and sub-national levels. These could include government representatives from various line ministries, researchers, practitioners, NGOs, international organizations, regional intergovernmental bodies, youth, media and the private sector.The format will be a diverse range of plenary and keynote sessions, panel discussions, roundtables, thematic side events, market place, photo & poster exhibitions and film festival. Sessions will be facilitated by eminent climate scientists, adaptation experts and development planners from the region

The Adaptation Forum will

  1. Showcase knowledge, practices and experiences;
  2. Provide “an interactive space” to promote networking to maximize synergy, stimulate actions and facilitate experiential learning that supports the process of adapting to climate change;
  3. Link local level adaptation initiatives with those at national and regional level.

Thematic Focus

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum will be organized around,

  1. Linking knowledge to adaptation actions;
  2. The governance of adaptation decision-making;
  3. Insights from practices – Learning from experiences on the ground.

Some sessions will focus on key sectors or areas vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change impacts whereas others will deal with issues that cut across sectors and places. These broad themes will be discussed in the context of sustainable development, and with an objective of stimulating concrete and practical actions that will impact the most vulnerable ecosystems and societies.



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