Sunday 19 May, 2024

Thank you for attending the Adaptation Forum 2010. We hope that you found the Adaptation Forum 2010 useful and in meeting your expectation and our common agenda. We would be very grateful if you could take a moment to complete the online evaluation form. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

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Content and Organization

Scale: 5- Strongly agree; 4- Agree; 3- Neutral; 2- Disagree; 1- Strongly disagree

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A. Adaptation Forum 2010 Design/Approach

1. The Adaptation Forum 2010 theme-Mainstreaming Adaptation into Development Planning was relevant
2. The Adaptation Forum 2010 design/approach were clear
3. The pace was appropriate
4. The scheduling was appropriate
5. The duration (two days) was appropriate


B. Adaptation Forum 2010 Content

1. The content was relevant
2. The content coverage was sufficient
3. The order of the sessions made sense


C. Adaptation Forum 2010 Format

1. More presentations
2. More discussions/debates/Hard Talks
3. More time to network


D. Adaptation Forum 2010 Participation

1. More global experts
2. More experts from the region-Asia and the Pacific
3. More practitioners from the ground
4. Prefer heterogeneous participation
5. Prefer focused group
6. Prefer smaller number of participation


E. Please rate the planning, information, general arrangements and practical matters associated with the Adaptation Forum 2010

1. I felt comfortable with the arrangements at the Venue-UNCC
2. The session rooms was well-equipped with facilities
3. I was satisfied with my hotel accommodation
4. I was satisfied with the coffee/tea break provisions
5. I was satisfied with the transport facilities
6. The social and cultural activities were appropriate


F. The Adaptation Forum 2010 was valuable for networking and socializing with colleagues?


G. What part of the Adaptation Forum 2010 did you like most?


H. What part of the Adaptation Forum 2010 did you like least?


I. What other topics and activities you would like to be included in Adaptation Forum 2011?


J. Finally, we would appreciate your suggestions, improvements and ideas on themes/topics for Adaptation Forum 2011.


K. Would you recommend such forum in future?