Management of natural resources in the coastal zone of Soc Trang province

Sub-national Level

Management of natural resources in the coastal zone of Soc Trang province


09 March 2012


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Coastal Zone Management


USD 5,000,001 - USD 10,000,000



Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)


People’s Committee of Soc Trang Province; Sub-department of Forest Protection; Sub-department of Aquaculture; Sub-department of Capture Fisheries and Resource Protection; Sub-department of Rural Development (Department for Agriculture and Rural Development); Sub-department of Environmental Protection (Department of Natural Resources and Environment); Department of Education and Training and District; Commune People’s Committees; Women''s union and farmers association at village levels

Supporters / Donors

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Description of Intervention

• Integrated coastal zone management with a focus on adaptation to climate change;
• Planting, rehabilitation and management of mangroves to increase their resilience to climate change impacts;
• Development of models for the sustainable co-management of coastal areas;
• Set-up of an erosion control model in combination with dyke design, computer-based current and erosion modelling, wave breaking barriers and mangrove planting;
• Income raising along the value chain of shrimp farming through public-private partnerships and certification;
• Development of a participatory environmental impact monitoring system; and
• Development of concepts for sustainable financing of ecosystem services provided by coastal wetlands.

Problems to be Addressed

Owing to the for-profit investments in shrimp farming and resulting transformation of large areas into shrimp farms, the local population, particularly the landless and poor, is increasingly being pushed inland and the ecological balance of coastal wetlands is endangered. The economic pressure and poverty leads to further exploitation of resources, impeding the mangrove forests’ function of protecting coastal zones and reducing income for local people. Moreover, there is insufficient cooperation among various actors.• The coastal zone will be affected by increased intensity and frequency of storms and consequent floods, as well as rising sea levels.


Provision of pilot solutions to solve the conflict between economic development and sustainable management of natural resources


Protection and sustainable use of the coastal wetlands of Soc Trang province for the benefit of the local population

How It Fits into the EbA Concept

• Sustainable financing of the ecosystem services provided by the coastal environment is sought.
• Building climate resilience through the management of mangroves is carried out as part of the development portfolio of integrated coastal zone management, which also entails non-ecosystem-related project objectives, including cooperation and participation of local authorities from provincial through district to commune and village levels, and the establishment of a regional network for the coastal zone in the Mekong Delta. These elements are important for the sustainable management of coastal ecosystems in that these enable participating individuals and organizations to exchange knowledge on natural resource management, create social capital for effective communication and collaboration and access to nature-based assets.

Results / Outputs

Results achieved include:
• Generation of the preconditions necessary for the acceptance and implementation of new concepts, such as co-management and mangrove rehabilitation, among counterpart staff and staff of collaborating local authorities;
• Setting-up of inter-sectoral steering committees for integrated coastal zone management at the provincial, district and communal levels; and
• Co-management in the pilot site of Au Tho B village by local and district authorities.

Lessons Learned


Upscaling / Outreach Activities

Environmental awareness raising with an aim to promote positive change

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Management of Natural Resources in the Coastal Zone of Soc Trang Province
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