Cyclone Preparedness Programme in Bangladesh (CPP)

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Cyclone Preparedness Programme in Bangladesh (CPP)


09 March 2012


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Description of Intervention

Bangladesh’s coastline is frequently affected by storm surges and cyclones causing massive destruction to life and property. This project by the Red Crescent Society was initiated to develop an early warning system using the existing structures at village level. The CPP program covers 13 districts in the coastal areas.

The working approach of CPP is as follows:
1. Meteorological data is collected from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), which issues regular bulletins that are transmitted to the six zonal offices and the 30 upazila (sub-district) offices over high frequency (HF) radio
2. The upazila office in turn, passes it to unions (village level) through very high frequency (VHF) radios
3. The unit team spreads out in villages and issues cyclone warnings. Each unit serves one or two villages with a population of about 2,000 to 3,000
4. Ten male and two female volunteers are recruited from each unit. In each unit the 10 male volunteers are divided into five groups, with the following responsibilities:
• Warning;
• Shelter; 
• Rescue;
• First aid; and
• Food and clothing
The two female volunteers work among the women, providing first aid and raising awareness. Apart from these, the volunteers are also engaged in spreading awareness and social welfare measures.

Problems to be Addressed

Warning systems for storms and cyclones


Training volunteers on community-based cyclone preparedness


• To complement the government’s efforts in case of emergency relief situations emphasizing the development of disaster preparedness related plans and programmes; and
• To train volunteers on community-based cyclone preparedness.

How It Fits into the EbA Concept

The project presents an interesting study for a participatory approach for disaster preparedness and response.

Results / Outputs

Due to increased climatic events, the importance of CPP has been increased a lot for the preparedness and awareness building functions for the community people living in the coastal area of Bangladesh.

Contact Details


Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS)

National Headquarters
684-686 Bara Maghbazar

1217 Dhaka, Bangladesh  

Tel:  +880 (2) 9330188 / 9330189 / 9352226   

Fax: +880 (2) 9352303/8311908   


Fazlul Wahab, Director
Cyclone Preparedness Program, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society 


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